Day after day, we deliver.

Our commitment to consistent high-level execution creates efficiencies for agencies in Latin America, which in turn helps them spur revenue and productivity. This is how we do it: 

We make things easy for media agencies targeting Latin America with:


US Media Consulting's Latam media mix includes high-circulation magazines and newspapers, popular Web sites, widely watched TV networks, top radio stations and huge out-of-home (OOH) ad networks.
Overall, we work closely with more than 4,000 outlets. These long-standing partnerships will allow us to deliver great prices to fit your budget.


Our team is divided by media specialty—online, print, TV, out-of-home (OOH)—and by country. This means a specialist who’s an expert in the medium and the market will strategize your campaign.


Account executives specialized by media—and by country—make sure your campaign runs smoothly and fulfills exactly as planned.


Besides tracking the latest trends with Latin and U.S. Hispanic consumers and media markets, we can help you get the hard data your client is looking for.

Contact us to explore how we can deliver the impact you need for your next campaign. 

MediaDesk is a DSP (demand side platform) that we created to offer Latin American agencies:


Programmatic ad investment in Latin America is expected to spike by nearly 9000% in the next few years—and MediaDesk is set up to help agencies tap into these revenues.


MediaDesk’s user-friendly system—which includes proprietary RTB technology custom-built for the Latin American market—is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Users can buy display ads in 7 different Latin American currencies without paying fixed monthly charges or meeting a minimum investment level.


A partnership with Navegg—Latin America’s top data firm—offers agencies the ability to buy by audience with a base of more than 90 million identified Internet users in Latam.


Agencies that have trading desks can take advantage of MediaDesk’s massive inventory of more than 1 billion monthly impressions.

Contact us to explore how you can drive new revenues through the premier programmatic buying platform in Latin America.