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Smartphone Use in Brazil

May 14, 2012
A new study from Google covers smartphone penetration in Brazil and also user habits, showing significant engagement.

Released in May 2012, Our Mobile Planet was produced by Google, Ipsos OTX Media CT and TNS Infratest. The study offers many revealing numbers about Brazil's smartphone users:

Smartphone penetration is at 14% in Brazil—with population estimated at 190-195 million, this is a segment of 27 million consumers

Frequency of Use
73% of Brazilians access the Internet every day on their smartphones and 73% don’t leave home without them

• 80% of smartphone owners in Brazil research products or service on their phones and 31% have bought products using their phones
• 88% of smartphone owners in Brazil multitask with other media: 63% listen to music, 6% watch TV, 26% read newspapers or magazines
• 75% of Brazilian smartphone owners watch online videos and 21% use videos once a day
• 88% of Brazilian smartphone users look for local information on their phones and 92% take action as a result
• 66% of smartphone owners in Brazil make mobile purchases once a month and 38% expect to make more mobile purchases in the future

Response to Ads
• 94% of smartphone users in Brazil notice mobile ads, 42% while on a web site, 43% while using a search engine and 25% while watching a video

And more. To download the study, please click here.


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